I began taking photographs as a hobby at University. My original motivation was my love of movies, for which I have my Dad to thank. He used to bring me to see films by Bergman and Fellini from when I was 14. I had an ambition to work in the movie industry, either as a writer or director. I realised I needed to develop the skill of translating reality into a 3×2 frame. I was quite surprised to find I took good photos from day one.

I started as a professional in 1968, and continued until 1981, during which period I met and photographed some wonderful people – have a look at the Rock Icons tab. For various reasons I felt I needed a change. I’ve worked in direct marketing and customer services since the early 80?s. (Here’s the link to my ‘day job’ website: www.randomelements.co.uk) I never lost my love of photography, and I started taking pictures again in 2005, inspired by the beauty of some of my friends in Sicily, where I was living at the time.

My biggest gift as a photographer, in my own view, is my ability to get people looking their best, their most handsome, their sexiest, in a portrait. I hope you like some of these pictures too. I’d just like to point out that all the photographs (bar one) were taken on what are now quaintly known as ‘analogue’ cameras: i.e. real, proper ones. All the shots you see here are scans from prints, so some of them achieve what has equally quaintly been called a ‘vintage’ look. What goes around …